Let's Stitch - 365 Quilt Block Designs


Signed copies by Natalia Bonner

Well-known machine quilter, author and teacher Natalia Bonner has created 365 unique quilt block designs and is sharing them in Let's Stitch: A Block A Day, 365 Quilt Block Designs. This book is big! It has 440 full color pages! Each design is quilted on a 6" square, circle or triangle. Each block illustration is to scale. Each block design has a unique QR code that links to a machine quilting video. Just hold your smart-phone up to the image with the QR code, scan the code and you'll be taken directly to the video that coordinates with that image, where Natalia will walk you step-by-step through the process of machine quilting the block.

*Natalia uses her popular machine quilting rulers in this book, including the 4-N-1, Inside Out, Trailer, Mini 4-N-1 and Mini Inside Out. Rulers are sold separately.

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