Visual Guide to Machine Quilting Quilt Blocks

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In this class, you'll have the opportunity to expand your quilting library and improve your machine quilting skills. You'll learn various techniques such as free-motion quilting, ruler quilting, and more. With a focus on machine quilting 12 traditional quilt blocks, including flying geese, patchwork blocks, and background fillers, you'll gain a wide range of quilting abilities. 

The class consists of nine on-demand lessons that cover different topics. In Lesson 1, you'll learn about marking the quilt, while Lesson 2 focuses on Flying Geese, Sawtooth Star, and outside border. Lesson 3 covers Bear Paw, sashing blocks, and Maple Star blocks, and Lesson 4 explores Shoo Fly and Lemoyne Star blocks. In Lesson 5, you'll learn about Log Cabin, patchwork blocks, and Card Trick blocks. Lesson 6 delves into Lonestar and basket centers machine quilting, while Lesson 7 covers Rail Fence and 9 Patch quilt blocks. Mosaic Pinwheel and Churndash quilt blocks are the focus of Lesson 8, and Lesson 9 concludes the class with basket and puppy quilt blocks. 


Now! Once registration is complete you'll gain instant access to 9 lessons + 9 live follow up videos + bonus videos.

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What You Will Need:
Visual Guide to Machine Quilting Quilt Blocks panel from Honest Fabric 88"x104" size.


Visual Guide to Machine Quilting Quilt Blocks piecing pattern.

Quilter's Dream Poly Deluxe Batting.

The Trailer, 4N1, Mini 4N1, Inside Out, Mini Inside Out & Quilted Pineapple #30

(Sway Machine Quilting Rulers are optional.)

Piece N Quilt Pop Socket Ruler Grip.

 So Fine! on the top & Bottom Line in the bobbin

Visual Guide to Machine Quilting Quilt Blocks design workbook

Visual Guide to Machine Quilting Quilt Blocks piecing pattern

Quilter's Sketchbook 

A foldable tape measure

Mark-B-Gone Marker

Misting Spray Bottle

Skill Level:
Students should have a basic knowledge of free-motion quilting and machine quilting with rulers.
Anyone on any machine with the ability to machine quilt with rulers and free-motion quilt can join Natalia's classes.

Beginner's Guide to Free-Motion Quilting book or online class is recommended as a pre-requisite to this class (but not required). 

Visual Guide to Creative Straight-Line Quilting is also recommended as a pre-requisite.

*Workbooks are not spiral bound.
*Class registration is only valid for one student. Lessons may not be shared.

**Visual Guide to Machine Quilting Quilt Blocks class is available for individual purchase or available PNQ Unlimited. Individual purchase includes unlimited lifetime purchase to subscriber only. PNQ Unlimited includes unlimited access to subscriber only, while a subscribing member.



- Cut 64 -3 7/8" background squares for flying geese

-Lonestar - Cut all fabric strips 2 1/8"x25" or WOF