Should I Enter This Quilt In A Quilt Show? Mini Series


Join Natalia as she custom machine quilts this incredible Color Theory Quilt. In this mini series Natalia will share several videos walking you through her process of desinging the machine quilting on paper, then marking on the quilt top. From there she'll move to the longarm and walk you through her process of machine quilting the borders, background, blocks and sew much more. 

Natalia hasn't entered a quilt into a show in 10+ years, and so much has changed since then. So, maybe it's time. Is this the perfect quilt to maybe take the leap of faith and enter in a quilt show? Natalia will also share her process of deciding if she will enter this quilt into a quilt show, and if she does she will share her journey of entering a quilt into a quilt show.

Should I Enter This Quilt In A Quilt Show? Mini Series will begin 9/1/22 and will continue as long as Natalia is working on this quilt.

Mini Series includes at least 5 videos:

*Designing and Marking The Quilt Top - Available NOW!

*Outside Borders - Availalble NOW!

*Corner Stars - Coming Soon

*Focal Stars & Background Fillers - Coming Soon

*The Decision of Entering A Quilt Show - Coming Soon

**Possibly more, depening on the journey of the quilt.

Mini Series will be included in the PNQ Academy.

Quilt top is Color Theory panel by Natalia Knowlton, available from Honest Fabrics.

Batting: 2 Layers Quilter's Dream Blend

Thread: So Fine! and Bottom Line 

Ruler & Grip: 4-N-1 Machine Quilting Ruler & Piece N Quilt Pop Socket Ruler Grip

Natalia does all of her quilting on a Gammill 22" machine. Quilting featured is hand-guided with the stitch regulator set at 16spi.

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