Let's Stitch A Year of Blocks: An Online Stitch-Along + Classes

 Expand your quilting library by quilting through 156 new designs in this fun new stitch-along + classes! Natalia will teach you step-by-step how-to machine quilt 12 traditional quilt blocks, 13 different ways, using machine quilting rulers and FMQ.  Clear step-by-step videos take the mystery out of free-motion and ruler quilting. Learn how to quilt blocks, borders and sashings, feathers, and more!

How will it work?

Beginning January 1st 2022 thru December 5, 2022 on the first day of the month Natalia will release a brand new class featuring 12 ways to quilt a quilt block. (Yes, that's 11 new classes and 2 free stitch-alongs.) In additon Natalia will release a free bonus version of each block in the free stitch-along; Let's Stitch A Year of Blocks.

Block classes will include:

Early-bird sale pricing ends the day each class begins.

January - Birds of Paradise - SALE $29.99
February - Snowball - SALE $29.99
March - Double T - SALE $29.99
April - Ducks Foot - SALE $29.99
May - Double X - SALE $29.99
June - 8 Point Star - SALE $29.99
July - Milly's Favorite - SALE $29.99
August - Churndash - SALE $29.99
September - 9 Patchalong 3.0 - FREE
October - Foilage - Sale $29.99
November - Star Puzzle - SALE $29.99
December - Love Knot - SALE $29.99
Let's Stitch A Year of Blocks - January 3rd, 2022 -FREE 

Free stitch-along videos will be released on the first Monday of each month.

Classes will begin on the first of each month. All twelve lessons will be released on that day.

How to join:


Beginning January 1st, 2022. Work at your own pace and share your progress in our online community. 

(You will have access to video lessons forever.)

Workbooks will ship 30 days prior to class/stitch-along beginning.

piecenquilt.com - When you check out you will be sent a download link email to activate your account (if you have already taken a class you will simply login to the classroom dashboard).

Click LEARN on our website to go to our classroom dashboard (with the black background).

Log into your dashboard using the same email address you used at checkout. 

Join our Piece N Quilt - Show & Tell Facebook group

Share your machine quilting progress. Interact with quilty friends and be inspired.

What You Will Need:

Something to quilt on. Natalia will be quilting all of her designs for the free stitch-along on a custom Let's Stitch A Year of Blocks Panel; you can purchase a panel from Honest Fabric. Natalia will be stitching on the 50"x60" size.

Natalia will quilt all of her designs on custom panels from Honest fabrics, Natalia has designed a panel to coordinate with each class. Each 50"x60" panel will contain 12 blocks of the block repeating.

If you prefer to piece your own top, you can purchase a Let's Stitch A Year of Blocks Piecing Workbook. The piecing workbook contains directions to piece one of each of the 12 year of blocks, and put the top together. To make the class specific tops you will need to make 12 of each block repeating.

Quilt top piecing kits containing KONA cottons and quilt top piecing pattern.

Natalia will be using 1 layer of Quilter's Dream Poly Deluxe Batting.

Natalia will use her machine quilting rulers: 4N1, Mini 4N1, Inside Out & Mini Inside Out. We also recommend our Piece N Quilt Pop Socket Ruler Grip.

Natalia will use So Fine! #402 on the top and Bottom Line #624 in the bobbin.

Let's Stitch a Year of Blocks Design Workbook contains all 12 blocks, and coordinates with the free stitch-along. In addition we've created design workbooks that partner with each class and free stitch-along. These workbooks have all 12 designs, plus blank blocks for you to sketch your own designs. 

Design workbooks for all 11 classes + 2 free stitch-alongs are also available for purchase, design workbooks will ship 30 days prior to class/stitch-along beginning.
Let's Stitch a Year of Blocks Piecing Workbook contains full color step-by-step piecing and applique instructions to make your own quilt top. The Quilter's Sketchbook is the perfect workbook to sketch, doodle and draw your quilting designs.

A foldable tape measure.


Natalia will be doing some marking using the Blue Mark-B-Gone Marker and misting those lines away with a Misting Spray bottle.

Skill Level:
Students should have a basic knowledge of free-motion quilting and machine quilting with rulers.
Anyone on any machine with the ability to machine quilt with rulers and free-motion quilt can join Natalia's classes.

Beginner's Guide to Free-Motion Quilting book or online class is recommended as a pre-requisite to this class (but not required). Visual Guide to Creative Straight-Line Quilting is also recommended as a pre-requisite.

**Workbooks are not spiral bound.
**Class registration is only valid for one student. Lessons may not be shared.