Bringing Applique to Life with Machine Quilting


In this PNQ Academy video Natalia walks you through how to bring applique to life with quilting. She starts by marking her applique shapes on the quilt. This helps her know where to quilt around and through the applique.

Next, Natalia uses her quilting rulers to quilt straight lines along the background and through the applique shapes. Ruler quilting is a great technique to learn for adding structure and symmetry to your quilts. The straight lines frame the applique and really makes it stand out.

Natalia then switches to free-motion quilting to fill in the background. Free-motion quilting allows her to quilt organic shapes and curves that complement the applique shapes. She gently quilts around the applique edges, following their curves and tucking her quilting needle under the applique fabric.

The combination of ruler quilting and free-motion quilting really makes this quilt design come to life. You'll gain ideas for using different quilting techniques together to enhance applique and borders. Natalia's creative approach to quilting around her applique will inspire you to try new things and build your own unique quilting style.

So follow along in this exclusive PNQ Academy video to learn beautiful quilting motifs and gain creative quilting inspiration that you can apply to your own projects.

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