Machine Quilting A Tree Quilt


In this exclusive PNQ Academy video, Natalia takes us on a delightful journey of bringing a figurative quilt to life. She demonstrates various techniques and shares her expertise in a conversational and engaging manner.

To begin, Natalia starts by machine quilting cloud background fills. As she skillfully moves the quilting machine, she creates fluffy and realistic clouds that add depth and texture to the quilt. Watching her work is truly captivating, as she effortlessly brings the quilt to life with her precise stitching.

Next, Natalia transitions to swirls, a pattern that adds movement and elegance to the design. With each carefully placed swirl, the quilt takes on a dynamic and mesmerizing quality. It's fascinating to witness the transformation of the fabric as Natalia's artistic vision unfolds before our eyes.

Finally, Natalia focuses on creating grass, using her expertise to make it look vibrant and lifelike. By carefully selecting different shades of green and employing various quilting techniques, she achieves a stunning effect that adds a touch of nature to the quilt. The attention to detail and artistry she demonstrates is truly inspiring.

Throughout the video, Natalia encourages viewers to experiment and have fun with their own quilting projects. She reminds us to not overlook the small details, such as dressing up some hexagons, which can make a big difference in the overall design. Additionally, she emphasizes the importance of bringing every element of the quilt to life, including the tree trunk, which adds depth and character to the composition.

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Natalia does all of her machine quilting on a Gammill 22" machine.

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