Custom Machine Quilt A Reflections Quilt with Natalia Bonner


In this exclusive video from PNQ Academy, Natalia invites you to join her as she takes you through her machine quilting process for the stunning Reflections quilt. By becoming a member of the PNQ Academy, you'll gain immediate access to a treasure trove of over 100 machine quilting videos, where Natalia generously shares her expertise and techniques for quilting real quilts.

Throughout the video, Natalia demonstrates the use of various machine quilting rulers, including the versatile 4N1 machine quilting ruler, the conveniently sized Mini 4N1 machine quilting ruler, and the Quilted Pineapple's #20 curve ruler. These rulers are essential tools that Natalia skillfully employs to achieve precise and intricate quilting designs.

To bring the Reflections quilt to life, Natalia opts for Quilter's Dream Poly Deluxe batting, known for its exceptional quality and durability. She pairs this with So Fine #402 thread, a high-performance thread that seamlessly glides through the machine, ensuring impeccable stitching on the quilt's surface.

Natalia also shares her preference for prewound bobbins, which she carefully places in her bobbin for hassle-free quilting. This time-saving technique allows her to focus on the quilting process without interruptions, resulting in a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Join Natalia in this enlightening video, and unlock a world of machine quilting knowledge and inspiration through the PNQ Academy. Discover the artistry and skill behind creating beautiful quilts as Natalia guides you step by step through her machine quilting journey.

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*Natalia does all of her machine quilting on a Gammill 22" machine.