Machine Quilt A Flower Quilt With Sway Rulers


Join machine quilting educator and author Natalia Bonner in this adorable and educational PNQ Academy video. You'll be inspired by simple machine quilting.

What makes this quilt extra fun is that it features just two repeating blocks - snowballs and flowers. For designs like this, Natalia likes to choose two complimentary patterns, one for each block. Then she'll repeat those patterns throughout for visual interest. Natalia knew the Sway rulers would be perfect for adding some curves and extra cuteness.

In this exclusive PNQ Academy video Natalia will walk through the marking and quilting. She'll be using the Sway 3, 4 and 5 machine quilting rulers along with a long straight-edge ruler. For marking, she'll rely on her trusty blue Mark-B-Gone marker. All the marking will fit within her machine throat space, so she'll load the quilt and mark as
she goes.

To add lovely texture and loft, Natalia is using one layer of Quilter's Dream Wool batting. On top she's stitching with SoFine! thread in color #403, which blends nicely. In the bobbin is a neutral pre-wound SuperBob thread for balanced stitching.

Natalia will be quilting on her Gammill 22" machine in stitch-regulated mode at 13 spi. When using rulers, be sure to apply gentle, even pressure with your extended base and ruler foot.

We hope you enjoy following along with Natalia's process. Happy quilting!

Materials used in this PNQ Academy video;

Sway 3 machine quilting ruler
Sway 4 machine quilting ruler
Sway 5 machine quilting ruler
Straight ruler from the Quilted Pineapple
Mark B Gone Marker
So Fine! #403
SuperBob Prewound Bobbins
Quilter's Dream Wool Batting
Gammill 22" machine, stitch regulated mode - 13spi
Ruler Foot

The piecing pattern is Cotton Daisies by Laugh Yourself In Stitches

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