Navigating Creativity - Natalia Bonner's Wayfinder Quilt Macine Quilting Techniques


Elevate your quilting skills with Natalia's latest PNQ Academy video on custom machine quilting the stunning Wayfinder Quilt! In this exclusive video, Natalia expertly guides you through her process, showcasing the use of the innovative Sway 3, Sway 4, and Sway 5 machine quilting rulers. Learn how to achieve impeccable precision and creative designs that make your quilts stand out.

Key Highlights:
 **Advanced Ruler Techniques:** Master the Sway 3, Sway 4, and Sway 5 rulers for unique, intricate patterns.

**Layered Batting Insight:** Discover the benefits of using two layers of batting, and get Natalia's recommendations on the best batting materials for different quilting projects.

**Pro Tips & Tricks:** Gain valuable insights and professional tips that Natalia uses in her own award-winning quilts.

This video is perfect for both seasoned quilters looking to refine their skills and beginners eager to learn advanced techniques. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from one of the best in the industry.

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Wayfinder quilt pattern by Brooke of Eudemonia Studios