4-N-1 Machine Quilting Ruler


The 4-N-1 Machine Quilting Ruler is great for machine quilting large curves, small curves or straight lines. Designed by professional machine quilter Natalia Bonner. The ruler measures 10.5" total length by 4.75" total width. The straight line edge measures 8". The curve on the top side of the ruler is 2" and the two smaller end curves measure 1.25".

FIVE RULER BUNDLE - The Five Ruler Bundle contains all 5 machine quilting rulers designed by Natalia Bonner. The 4-N-1, The Mini 4-N-1, The Inside Out, The Mini Inside Out and The Trailer machine quilting rulers are included.

The ruler is made from high-quality acrylic and measures .25" thick.

Made in the USA.