Custom Machine Quilting by Natalia Bonner - 2023


Natalia Bonner occasionally opens her books for custom machine quilting. Openings for 2023 are limited.


Please read carefully all details below before reserving your spot and paying your deposit.


Natalia has been custom machine quilting on a Gammill machine since 2007. She has won numerous awards for her custom machine quilting including "Best Machine Quilting" at QuiltCon. Here is your chance to have one of your quilts custom machine quilted by Natalia Bonner.


Below you'll find a few details and important information about Natalia's machine quilting and what you can expect. By reserving your spot you are reserving a non-refundable spot on Natalia Bonner's custom machine quilting calendar for 2023. 


Once you've reserved your spot and paid your $750.00USD deposit, Natalia will send you an email. (please allow up to 10 business days for this email.) At that time Natalia will approve/disapprove the quilt and mailing information will be given. Quilts will be mailed to Natalia via USPS, UPS or FEDEX. Quiltmaker/Customer is responsible for shipping and insurance fees. (If your quilt is not approved by Natalia you will be issued a refund in full.)


Once Natalia receives your quilt, your quilt will enter the 2023 que in the order that it is received by Natalia. All quilts will be completed between January 1, 2023 and December 31, 2023. Completion by any specific date will not be guaranteed.


One to two weeks before Natalia is ready to begin custom machine quilting Natalia will email Quiltmaker/Customer to go over ideas/suggestions. Natalia is the machine quilting artist and does have the right to select what designs/machine quilting patterns will fit the quilt best.

By reserving your spot on Natalia's calendar you are acknowledging that Natalia is not responsible for any damage or loss to quiltmaker/clients quilt. Natalia has the right to refuse service to client. 


All quilts machine quilted by Natalia Bonner will also be shared on Natalia's social media accounts including, but not limited to; Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Patreon and the PNQ Academy. Quiltmaker/Customer agrees and gives permission to Natalia Bonner & Piece N Quilt to share images and videos.



Natalia will use Quilters Dream Poly Deluxe, Quilters Dream Wool or Quilters Dream Blend batting. Batting is $16.50 per yard and must be purchased in addition to machine quilting fee. Customer may not supply their own batting.


All machine quilting is done with So Fine! and Bottom Line by Superior Threads. Customer may not supply their own thread.


Custom quilting pricing starts at 15 cents per square inch and goes up per square inch depending on thread color changes and complexity of quilting desired. Natalia will have final say in machine quilting design. Quiltmaker/Customer will have input. Natalia will email customer within two weeks of reservation to confirm shipping details and approve of quilt photos. Natalia may reject machine quilting on any quilt.







Quilt backings and batting must be 4" larger than the quilt top on all four sides. Quilt backing must be pieced, squared, pressed and labeled at the top. Label with a pin and note, indicating quilt top.


Backing and batting will not be trimmed

Quiltmaker/Customer will be responsible for return shipping and shipping insurance.

Once custom machine quilting is complete Natalia will email Quiltmaker/Customer with images and final invoice, including a $750.00USD reservation deposit. Customer will pay remaining balance including; machine quilting, batting, thread color changes, complexity of quilting, return shipping & shipping insurance.

Quilts will be returned via UPS unless otherwise arranged.

*Gift cards and discounts may not be used on any machine quilting services.

*For more FAQ's check out my blog post; 10 Things You Should Know Before Having Your Quilt Machine Quilting on a Long-Arm Machine.