Machine Quilting A Dresden Plate Quilt


Come along as Natalia machine quilts this stunning Dresden Plate quilt. Ruler quilting and free-motion quilting techniques will bring this quilt to life.

Natalia switches between free motion quilting and ruler quilting for the sashing strips between the blocks. Without the rulers, she has more freedom to experiment with curved and swirl designs that contrast nicely with the straight lines within the blocks. We love how the different quilting styles complement each other.

When Natalia moves on to quilting the dresdens, she combines both ruler quilting and free motion quilting. She begins with straight-line quilting to define the blades and then fills in the spaces with loops and swirls. The combination of structure and organic shapes makes the dresdens really pop.
Gain lots of inspiration and new ideas for your own quilting projects from watching Natalia's techniques and design choices. Her combination of ruler work and free-motion stitching brought out the best in this beautiful Dresden Plate quilt. We can't wait to see you try some of these techniques on your next project!

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