Custom Machine Quilting a Panel


In this exclusive PNQ Academy video Natalia will walk you through the machine quilting process for Lella Boutique's Peace on Earth Christmas panel. She'll show you how to quilt the panel in a way that doesn't make it look like a typical store-bought panel.

Natalia starts by outlining the appliquéd pieces with ruler work to define the elements and make them pop. She uses basic crosshatching in some areas to add texture and interest. For the traditional blocks in the panel, Natalia quilts traditional patterns that suit the block designs.

The best part is the free-motion quilting Natalia does on the background fabric. Instead of straight lines or basic shapes, she uses linework and more that give the panel a custom handmade look.

The combination of ruler work for definition, crosshatching for texture, traditional block quilting, and free motion quilting on the background make this Christmas panel really stand out. The machine quilting completely transforms what could be a plain store-bought panel into a unique handcrafted quilt.

This video is full of creative inspiration and techniques you can apply to your own panels, blocks, and quilt tops. Natalia covers outlining applique, quilting on applique, and gaining confidence with both ruler work and free-motion quilting. So if you want to learn to machine quilt your panels and quilt tops to make them one-of-a-kind, this PNQ Academy video is a must-watch.

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