Machine Quilting a Scallops Quilt with Natalia Bonner


In this exclusive PNQ Academy video Natalia will walk you through the process of machine quilting an adorable scallops quilt. She shows how a seemingly simple quilt design can come to life with the right quilting stitches and techniques.

Natalia starts by explaining that while the quilt top itself features basic squares and rectangles, some creative machine quilting will make it really stand out. She begins by outlining each scallop shape with a straight stitch, which helps define the pattern and add interest.

Next, Natalia uses her ruler foot and machine quilting rulers to add curves and then feathers along the scallop edges. The feathers point toward the center of each scallop and really make the design pop. Natalia describes how using different feather lengths adds variety and visual appeal.

For the inner portion of the scallops, Natalia switches to her Statler Stitcher quilting machine. She adds a simple swirl pattern that mimics the shape of the scallop. This stitching fills in the space and ties the entire design together.

By the end of the video, Natalia's once simple scalloped quilt has been transformed into an eye-catching, dimensional work of art thanks to some creative machine-quilting ideas.

Viewers walk away inspired by the huge impact that the right quilting stitches can make, even on an otherwise basic quilt design. The video provides a wealth of tips and techniques to apply to quilters' own projects and designs.

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