Machine Quilting a Giraffe Quilt


In this PNQ Academy video, Natalia Bonner, an author, and educator, provides an exclusive step-by-step guide on how to custom machine quilt the Giraffe Abstractions quilt. Designed by Violet Craft and pieced by Heather, the Giraffe Abstractions quilt is an entertaining quilt, boasting a lot of ruler work, thread color changes, and a small amount of free-motion quilting on its outside stop border.

Natalia demonstrates how a figurative quilt can come to life with the right quilting stitches and techniques. She uses her ruler foot and machine quilting rulers to add straight lines to the giraffe and the background filler, making the giraffe design pop. Natalia also explains how using different spacing and linear designs adds variety and visual appeal to the quilt.

By the end of the video, the once-flat giraffe has been transformed into an eye-catching, dimensional work of art thanks to some creative machine-quilting ideas. Viewers will be inspired by the huge impact that the right quilting stitches can make. The video provides a wealth of tips and techniques that viewers can apply to their own projects and designs.

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