Machine Quilting a Sewing Room Sampler Quilt


In this exclusive PNQ Academy video, Natalia will guide you through the custom machine quilting process of a Sewing Room Sampler Quilt. The quilt includes a variety of background fillers such as pebbles, swirls, rainbows, straight-line ruler quilting, and more. Natalia will demonstrate how she brings this figurative quilt to life.

During the video, Natalia will discuss why she chose the quilt design and how she approaches the project. She will then walk you through her entire process step-by-step. The best part is that there are no rules! Natalia wants to inspire you to relax and have fun while enjoying machine quilting.

PNQ Academy offers a variety of videos featuring Natalia machine quilting everything from simple to complex designs on all types of quilts. As a member, you will have unlimited, on-demand access to over 100 videos, with two new videos added each month. By learning how Natalia machine quilts, you will gain the skills to confidently quilt your own projects. Join PNQ Academy now and start quilting with confidence!

Piecing Pattern: Sewing Room Sampler by Amanda Murphy

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