Four Seasons Quilt Camp


Join Natalia Bonner in the captivating new class known as Four Seasons Quilt Camp! In this class, Natalia Bonner, an esteemed author and instructor, will expertly guide you through the step-by-step process of machine quilting the charming Four Seasons Quilt. Alternatively, you can choose to divide your quilt into four sections, resulting in four remarkable table runners. Throughout the class, you will acquire a diverse range of machine quilting techniques, including marking and quilting various designs, such as ruler quilting and free-motion quilting. Natalia will also provide insights on background fillers, machine quilting on and around applique, feather motifs, working with curves and straight lines, creating echoes, incorporating ghost blocks, and much more. Allow your imagination to soar as you immerse yourself in this exhilarating class.

The class will begin on January 8, 2024, and will consist of four lesson videos. Natalia will release one video per day for four consecutive days during the first week of the class. Additionally, she will share live videos at 11 a.m. MT on our Facebook page during those days. Don't worry if you miss the live videos, as they will be saved in the classroom dashboard for enrolled students to rewatch. As a bonus, the class will include several bonus videos, including several on machine quilting the melons.

The video tutorials will be released daily from January 8 to 11, starting at 5 a.m. You can work at your own pace and share your progress in our online community. The access to the video lessons will be available to you forever.

To access the class, visit and activate your classroom dashboard using the link emailed to you upon checkout. You can always return to the dashboard by clicking on "LEARN" or "CLASSROOM DASHBOARD LOGIN" and logging in with the same email address used during checkout.

For a chance to interact with fellow quilters and showcase your machine quilting progress, join the Piece N Quilt - Show & Tell Facebook group. This is where you can find inspiration and connect with quilting enthusiasts. The live follow-up videos will be hosted on our main Piece N Quilt Facebook page and later saved in the classroom dashboard.

To participate in the Four Seasons Quilt Camp, you will need the following materials:

Something to quilt on:
Four Seasons Quilt Camp Panel (50"x60") from Honest Fabrics (Note: Honest Fabrics is a separate company.)
- Quilt on scrap fabrics of your choice (Please note that there is NO piecing pattern available for the Four Seasons Quilt Camp, but the designs workbook includes "to scale" templates of each piece on the panel.)


-Quilter's Dream Poly Deluxe Batting


-Sway 3, Sway 4, Sway 5, Mini 4-N-1, 4-N-1, Long straight ruler for marking




-So Fine! #402, Pre-wound Superbobs


Four Seasons Quilt Camp Design Workbook (Does include to-scale templates for each applique piece on the panel.)


-Foldable tape measure


-Blue Mark-B-Gone Marker + Piece N Quilt Misting Spray Bottle

*This class is suitable for students with a basic knowledge of free-motion quilting and machine quilting with rulers. Anyone with the ability to machine quilt with rulers and free-motion quilt on any machine can join Natalia's classes. While not required, it is recommended to have the Beginner's Guide to Free-Motion Quilting book or take the online class as a prerequisite. The book; Visual Guide to Creative Straight-Line Quilting is also recommended as a pre-requisite.

*Please note that the workbooks are not spiral-bound, and class registration is valid for one student only. Sharing lessons is not permitted.

*BUNDLE OPTION - DESIGN WORKBOOK - As a BONUS, we've included the PDF version of the design workbook  with our new paper design workbooks, this is just a bonus, a version that you can have on your mobile device, wherever you are! We don't recommend printing that, as the paper copy is on it's way.