Machine Quilt A Pixelated Quilt with Natalia Bonner


In this exclusive video from the PNQ Academy, Natalia invites you to join her as she unveils the secrets behind machine quilting a stunning pixelated quilt using machine quilting. By becoming a member of the PNQ Academy, you'll gain immediate access to a treasure trove of over 100 machine quilting videos, where Natalia generously shares her expertise in machine quilting actual quilts.

During the video, Natalia will guide you through her step-by-step process of planning, marking, and quilting a pixelated quilt. Working with a pixelated design can present its own set of challenges, but Natalia will provide valuable tips and tricks that she herself has found helpful.

This extraordinary quilt, which serves as the centerpiece of the video, was skillfully designed and crafted by Shelly Shoultes, drawing inspiration from the mesmerizing world of Pink.

Throughout the demonstration, Natalia will showcase the materials she uses to achieve outstanding results. She relies on Hobbs batting, pairs it with So Fine thread on the top, and ensures smooth stitching with prewound bobbins in her bobbin.

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*Natalia does all of her machine quilting on a Gammill 22" machine.