Piece N Quilt Mark & Go Bundle

Bundle & Save, this bundle includes 1 Piece N Quilt Pop Socket Ruler Grip, 1 Mark-B-Gone Marking Pen and 1 Piece N Quilt Misting Spray Bottle.
Grip your rulers more comfortably with this fun Piece N Quilt orange slice pop socket. 
Pop socket also fits on to the back of your phone case with easy to use adhesive sticker. 
Use as a stand for your phone or just make it easy to hold your phone in selfie mode!
Mark-B-Gone Marking Pen. Use marking pen on washable fabrics to transfer pattern markings and quilt or craft designs. Some fiber contents, fabric finishes or dyes (red and pink in particular) may not be suitable for use with this pen. To remove marks, rub gently with clean damp cloth well moistened with plain water. Not recommended for dry clean only fabrics. Store pen with cap on and point facing downward.
10 oz. Piece N Quilt Misting Spray Bottle is an amazing spray bottle for all your sewing and machine quilting need