Machine Quilting Little Miss Sawtooth


When we lay our eyes upon a quilt, we often appreciate the intricate pattern created by the carefully stitched pieces. But there's so much more to discover! In this captivating video presented by Natalia from PNQ Academy, she takes us on a journey beyond the seams, teaching us how to quilt blocks that seemingly defy reality. Get ready to be amazed as she demonstrates the art of ruler work, straight lines, curves, and FMQ (Free Motion Quilting) to bring stunning secondary designs to life.

One of the featured piecing patterns in this video is the charming Little Miss Sawtooth by Southern Charm Quilts. With its delightful arrangement of sawtooth blocks, it's sure to inspire your next quilt creation.

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*Natalia does all of her machine quilting on a Gammill 22" machine.

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